Something To Think About

As I lay on my bed trying to get some sleep my mind flashed back to the conversation I had with a friend. We spoke about a lot of things but I held on to one thing he said which is stuck in my mind…

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The Need For Service-based E-commerce

One issue staring us all in the face in this part of the world is getting people to know and patronize what we do.

This issue is different to people, let’s take for example, a road side mechanic who want to get more customer other than the regular passers-by who patronize him on a daily basis; a teacher wants to get people to know the teaching skills he/she possess and how beneficial it is to them; an ICT professional wants to get more patronized other than the regular guys in the street.

Some of these guys couldn’t get all this either because they are ignorant or because they don’t know how to get this to the right audience or in more serious case illiteracy.

One fact we will all agree is that whatever thing you do is useless if you do not get a better platform to showcase them in order to get patronized.

A lot of things have been said about equality, even more have been said on bridging the gap between the poor and the rich,

Critical survey and study have been carried out by some group of professionals who see our daily plight and try to proffer solution to them.

This survey led to the creation of an online platform where you can book any service or rent a service for yourself which makes perfect sense to solving the above problems. is different from other platforms like Konga, Jumia, OLX and the likes which makes it the first true professional Nigerian online market hub.

Feel free to take advantage of this opportunity.

visit their site @ or there blog @

Begging – Compassion or disguised robbery?

The month end is near and as we all know workers are less friendly with money during this time, for you’ve spent all money with you or you are managing the little cash you have left. It was a situation as the one I just described. I was really down on cash and I was been given a Thousand naira note by a colleague of mine I begged for transport. I had spent part of the money and thinking of using the remaining for transport the next morning to the office.

On my way home, I met a heavily pregnant woman with three kids in her lap begging for alms. From my calculations, she should be in her early 20s or even less. I felt very bad for her thinking of how she is coping with such number of children and what manner of man impregnated her four consecutive times without thinking of taking care of his responsibilities.

The most annoying thing is that, looking at the children they are just a bit older than themselves and the youngest of them all is still a baby still been breast fed. I did not think twice before I had to part with my money and have to walk half the way home

On another day, I had to part with the last cash on me but later realized that the beggar I took pity on had more than I could give. For he has been getting money from unsuspecting passersby who took pity on him. I was disappointed to meet him on my way back from work still at that same point and still begging with the same strategy he used on me. I later learnt that is what he does for a living and that he begs at that point every day.
Another situation I still remember vividly is that of a little Hausa boy, maybe 10 or 11 years old, who moves himself begging for alms in the streets of Lagos. He lay, stomach-down, on an old skateboard, and pulls his body along with his arms. He had no legs. He rolled over to me, looked up into my eyes, and asked for money. Struggling not to cry, I reached into my pocket and handed over a Five hundred naira note, more than what I spend on a meal each morning.

I know many of us as fall into one of, similar or the entire scenario mentioned above.

When we come to think of it, giving those cash to the beggars might sound good but it’s infact the most destructive things we’ve ever done.
We should not encourage given money to beggars because it does not solve their problem but rather solve their immediate problem. We should not give money to beggars. Not even the cute ones. Not even the disabled ones. Not even the ones who want money for school. Don’t give them money, or candy, or whatever. It’s not generous. In fact, it’s one of the most harmful—and selfish—things a well-meaning person can do.
Don’t get me wrong, I am not saying we should not help beggars or that all people begging are not really in need of what they beg for. I am trying to caution us on how and what we give to beggars or better put a better way to help them.
The impulse to share our blessings with people we meet is a wonderful and compassionate thing. But there are better ways to give. Established non-governmental organizations can ensure that charitable donations go to effective, sustainable projects, and they know how to implement positive change in minimally disruptive ways. Although none of this could help if we are confronted with heartbreaking poverty and suffering, right? It feels cruel and heartless to look a needy child in the eyes and, as many guidebooks suggest, “say no in a loud, firm voice, which I know I can’t do.
So we can’t say no. And we absolutely cannot say yes. What can we say?
Instead of dishing out cash, buy someone food or a cup of tea if you wish and, best of all, if you think they are sleeping rough, contact local homelessness organisations
Try and ask questions as for the reason for the money to be giving. Pay for or buy the exact item been asked for. Instead of giving out transport fare, take the person to the bus stop and pay for the transport fare directly to the driver or the bus conductor.
If at all you want to help with money, give it to a relevant charity organisation. you find beggars unpleasant as well as concerning.

Some days, it seems to me that the trendier my neighborhood gets the more begging there is in it. If so, maybe it’s no coincidence. Whatever, the message is the same, wherever you live. Don’t give money to street beggars. Help them instead. Be generous: Leave those coins in your pocket. Together we will build a better Nigeria.



Don’t go there!
Its so dangerous.
Going there, don’t even dare!
Going against that might be disastrous.

Yes! Its dark,
I cant even see through that.
Infact, so so dark!!
the end result-I dont want to hear that

That was what killed him.
She told me that was how he died.
don’t dare so you wont end like him
who listen not and tried.

You are been told,
You never try to find out.
With fear you grow old,
until failure finds you out.

what we hear sometimes,
are not what it is.
how we react most times.
are the basis of what fear is.

False Evidence Appearing Real.

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I am greater than my experience

No roof over his head
Three square meal he could not afford
He has not the comfort of a bed
The open air his abode

Shoe torn into two
Yet been worn
Rag he had on too
Poverty the picture he wore

He tries all his possible best
to change his situation today
He takes no time to rest
Things just don’t go his way
I’m greater than my experience
That he has at the back of his mind
He will climb this fence
He care less what he left behind

He will talk with his head raised high
Because today limits him not
His present situation a big lie
Things will change for today he sees not

He is greater than what they say
He captain his destiny
God will show him the way
PROSPERITY- his true Identity

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I ponder on the way men thinks

Together they lay in same bed
One the husband of the others husband
Today they say it will end
This after that, and, and …..

Brother and sister they are.
at least that’s what people believe
A brotherly hug, a sisterly peck
Yet in private like couples they behave

A short tea break
And they are no where to be found.
In the toilet a beautiful fusion they make
When at long last they are found

One is the giver
The other-the receiver
It sooth them both to be that way
Even if one is old enough to be the others mother

Good is good, bad is bad
and everyone knows Lagos gutter stinks
What difference is there between happy and sad?
I ponder on the way men thinks

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Go ahead and do what you need to do

The vision is blur
Here’s the beginning, we await the last
The money spent can’t be accounted for
Oh lord! Crown my effort of past

The wrinkles on the face
Sweat dripping from hand and head
Today we face the most anticipated race
God I place you in the lead

Teeth clenched together
Hands knotted into fist
This impact must be made forever
This dream will be accomplished at long last

Some have gone ahead,
while some are in the rear
Message to the future-here I come
Obstacles on the road do clear

The swift don’t win the race
The persistent and favoured do
Oh Lord! This is by your grace
Go ahead and do what you need to do

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